Specialized Lighting

Ledlink Technology has extensive activity in specialized lighting such as plant growth lighting, lighting for Poultry farming, gas station lighting, underwater lighting.

  • Plant growth lighting can be applied at any stage of growth, imcluding seeding, vegetative or flowering. There are different types of these lights according to the existing needs. These lights provides the same energy to indoor plants that the sun brings to the outdoor. They generates the type of light (the spectrum) that plants use for photosynthesis.
  • Led are the best lighting solution for poultry farming producing white light by combining ablue led with red and green phospors. The spectrum is near continuous. Led Lighting provides a close approximation of daylight, have the longest lifetime, are highly rugged, are not susceptible to shock or vibration and allow for color shifting and color control. By utillizing Led lighting and taking advantage of the unique speactral requirements of poultry farmers, can reduce streess and mortality, regulate circadian rythm and substantially, increase the production of eggs, meat and the other protein sources.


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